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How to Start Your Healing Journey with Prolapse - Nicola Brown

October 20, 2021


As a clinical psychologist, executive coach, wife, mum and stand up comedian - Nicola Brown was working through her own lived experience with pregnancy loss, while supporting other women as a fertility counsellor. 

Nicola shares her heroic journey about how her and her wife lived through 7 years of trying to become mums and when that special day arrived - it was nothing like they imagined...and more so what was to come next. 

Warning: This episode talks about birth trauma, miscarriage and suicide. 

This episode is for you if you want to know about;

  • IVF 
  • pelvic organ prolapse 
  • birth trauma 
  • multiple miscarriage 
  • episiotomy and forceps delivery 
  • mums and bubs separated at birth 
  • C-section birth and vaginal birth 
  • complicated births and the impact on midwives 
  • childbirth education and information overload 
  • Women’s pelvic health physiotherapy 
  • family history of breast and ovarian cancer 
  • prolapse surgery, risk factors, relapse 
  • misdiagnosis of prolapse through multiple medical professionals 
  • prolapse and pain 
  • physical exercise with prolapse 
  • men and non-binary gender diverse people with pelvic floor issues 
  • different stages of prolapse and bilateral avulsions 
  • suicide and chronic pain caused by POP  
  • colostomy bag 
  • emotionally isolating 
  • pessaries 
  • reformer pilates 
  • time and healing


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