The Lowdown with Bravemumma

Finding Passion and Purpose Living with Prolapse with Kimberly Smith.

December 22, 2021


Kimmy Smith, exercise and yoga lover with expertise in the area of exercise throughout pregnancy and postnatal.

Kim was an elite athlete with the Australian Netball Squad prior to having children and was also a Corporate Lawyer. Kim moved on from both representative netball and the corporate law world to concentrate on her passion for health and fitness.

Kim has always maintained health and wellness through exercise however following the birth of her daughters realised there was little information available relating to birth injuries and how to improve your overall pelvic floor condition through exercise.

Kim has teamed up with a Women's Health Physiotherapist, Lyz Evans and they've created the 'Empowered Motherhood Program'. This is an award winning exercise program for women during pregnancy and in postnatal.

Kim draws upon her own birth experiences and discusses the need for more readily available information for women at all stages of their life to assist with strengthening their pelvic floors and understanding the functionality of their pelvic floor through specific exercise programs.  

Many women have no idea what prolapse is or understand the impact it can have on your life. Following the birth of her first child Kim was diagnosed with POP and given pamphlets to go away and read. The lack of support and knowledge led to her passion to improve this area of women's health.


This episode is for you if you want to learn more about:

  • improving and protecting the pelvic floor through exercise
  • medical examinations during pregnancy by a qualified exercise physiotherapist to assist with protecting the pelvic floor
  • building strength postnatally 
  • understanding the signs of a weak pelvic floor prior to and after giving birth
  • proactive strategies to assist with birth
  • provide the tools and support for women to regain pelvic floor health through exercise
  • struggles and balancing between motherhood and you (as a person)
  • mother guilt 
  • how to get the support you need from pre birth to post birth and beyond
  • share this episode with your loved ones who are becoming a mumma soon or in the near future


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