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Finding the Funny Side of her POP with Comedian and Women‘s Health Physiotherapist - Elaine Miller.

December 29, 2021


~ Season Final ~

Join the discussion with Elaine Miller, Pelvic Physiotherapist, mother, and award winning comedian.

Elaine experienced pelvic organ prolapse and stress incontinence following the birth of her children and was shocked about the lack of literature, resources and understanding of these very common health issues.

Elaine is a breath of fresh air in her approach to all things relating to women's health and uses comedy as an educational tool in breaking down barriers for open and frank discussions.

Sadly, many women tend to ignore symptoms of incontinence and POP due to being busy with young babies and children. Important not to accept POP as 'normal'. Elaine educates us that 25% of women in the UK do not seek help with incontinence and 1 in 2 women will experience POP.

This episode is for you if you want to know more about:

  • posterior vaginal childbirth 
  • pelvic organ proplapse 
  • vomiting in labour 
  • sensational vaginal birth story
  • incontinence
  • pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • breaking down barriers to women's health
  • normalising anatomy terminology
  • importance of ongoing health education
  • how to use comedy to break the barriers to women's health 


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Find Elaine here:

Elaine's podcast is coming - Get A Grip, which is athletes/academics/clinicians/politicians/patient experts/performers/activists all talking on a single issue and figuring out who needs to Get A Grip to solve it.



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