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Help! I‘m a New Parent and Feel So Lost, with Claire Young (The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre)

November 10, 2021


Transitioning to parenthood can be complex, overwhelming and exhausting. Where do new parents go when they don’t know what they’re doing? (Truth - none of us really know what we're doing).

Some new parents turn to friends or family members, Dr Google or mothers group - to find their village. But what happens when the village is non-existent or you can’t hear through all the noise of too many villages? 

The Illawarra Early Parenting Centre is the place to find your village and get support as you transition to parenthood. This conversation may help you or someone you love. 

This episode is for you if you want to know about;

  • first time parents 
  • why the need for the Early Parenting Centre 
  • what are the signs you might need to call a service like this
  • how are other family members involved 
  • feed, play, sleep 
  • co-sleeping and SIDS
  • motherhood and judgment 
  • when your instincts are not helping  
  • postnatal depression and anxiety for families 
  • why are new parents reluctant to ask for help
  • how can we all be working together to help new families with the transition

EDIT: Perinatal Mental Health Week 7th -14th November 2021 (not 8th-15th as stated in the intro). 



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Website: Illawarra Early Parenting Centre

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