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How to best support your birthing partner with Lucy Bloom

November 24, 2021


Lucy Bloom is an award-winning leader and speaker, with an epic birth story of her own. Her book 'Cheers to Childbirth' is a birthing guide for dads and birthing partners. 

This episode explores the 'dream' image of what we expect our journey to motherhood to be. From having all the 'ducks in a row' before being pregnant, to birthing and trying to live two lives as both mum and professional.

By the end of this episode we hope to have planted a seed for women and their birthing partners to learn all they can to be able to go into childbirth feeling prepared (with having a chance to work through any fears). 

Lucy says; 'if your support person knows the right things to do, it will make birthing easier'.

This episode is for you if you want to know about;

  • how to support your partner during childbirth 
  • epic birth stories 
  • birth trauma 
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • how to love being YOU and forget judgement 
  • vaginal tearing with vaginal birth 
  • how to stay away from birthing culture and birth politics 
  • balancing being a parent and a working professional
  • how dads and birthing partners can best support their birthing person 
  • Beer and Bubs Childbirth classes
  • men's (and birthing partners) perspective on childbirth 
  • knowing when to advocate for your birthing mumma 
  • cut through medical jargon in birth 
  • midwifery care and obstetrician care 
  • forceps births and cesarian section birth 
  • birth trauma and systemic birthing failures 

Favourite quote: 'There's no convenient time to have a baby'. 

Language warning: a few f*bombs are dropped within this conversation. 



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